Who We Are

NHRS Bangladesh

Who We Are

National Human Rights Society is local movement talk with rural and orban peoples rights in all over the Bangladesh. We are campaigning for to know people rights to their society, local government and government and over the world. National Human rights society is listed organization of Ministry of Welfare. It’s funded by it’s life member and people of Bangladesh. It’s fully independent of any political ideology, economic interest or religion.


-> Lobby governments and other powerful groups for making sure the keep their promises to the people and employee and respect national law. 
-> NHRS support everybody to claim their rights through training. 
-> NHRS mobilize supporters around the country to campaign for change and to stand in defence of activists on the frontline. 
-> NHRS investigate rights violation the facts, whenever and wherever happen.

When and Where NHRS Start…

In 2000, Chairman of NHRS Mr. Nazrul Islam Tamiji observe from his heart that more people are help less and they have no platform to say that opinion or clim. Then he try to reached to the people problem and study to make platform where people easily and fairless claim their problem. Then chairman start an organization which is National Human Rights Society, Bangladesh. And chairman start it’s campain all district in Bangladesh peoples door to door about people justics and freedom. This inspiring moment didn’t just give birth to an extraordinary movement, it was the start of extraordinary social change


After more than 15 years of achievements NHRS has been through a major transformation, adapting to dramatic changes in Bangladesh. Now NHRS activity all over the country every District,Thana in Bangladesh. Our Team working with every effecting people. We already stablished more working committee to respond quickly to events wherever they happen and be a powerful force for freedom and justice.